Watch A Hedgehog Eat The Tiniest Little Birthday Cake

Om nom nom.

This video of a hedgehog's birthday party will have you making cutesy sound effects. But get it together. You're an adult. It's just a hedgehog. With her two hamster friends. And they're just eating the tiniest little cake with precious hats in front of an adorable Happy Birthday banner. Pull yourself up, man. It's not a big deal.

But look at the hamsters eating the pink-frosting confection. "Blaugh blaugh blaugghghhhh."

And look at the hedgehog with its cute lil prickles chowing down. "Nom nom nom. Merh merh merh."

And look at her knock down the cake at the end like that baker hadn't spent hours preparing it. "Who me?"

I'm dedicating this one to Jessica Simpson and Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, who are both celebrating birthdays today. May you both have joyous parties like this one - pink frosting included.