Katy Perry Agrees -- Watching Hamsters Eat Tiny Burritos Is The Best

Their little mouths!

Are you having a rough day? Do your parents have you down? Is your BF/GF being a total you-know-what? Did someone just spontaneously kick you in the face?

Well, Katy Perry has your back -- along with a cadre of fluffy little hamsters just munchin' on burritos. Burritos, I say!

Miss "Dark Horse" herself hit up Twitter Humpday (April 30) to bestow upon us the following message: "When life gets overwhelming just watch tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos."

You are as wise as you are beautiful, Katy.

Perry then posted a video that is 100% guaranteed to turn your day all the way around and back again -- and then back again.

I'm not going to say much else -- why gild perfection? -- just feast your eyes on these cuties feasting...