Nelly Gives The Alphabet Song A Rated-R Remix On 'Wild 'N Out' [Sneak Peek]

You definitely won't want your preschoolers hearing this version!

These days, a song will hit the airwaves and before you know it, a remix will drop. It may have taken The Alphabet Song almost 200 hundred years to get reworked, but that day has finally come.

In the sneak peek for tonight's new "Wild 'N Out" episode, below, rapper Nelly and the "WNO" cast creatively combine the ABCs with his 2000 single "E.I." The result: a nursery rhyme that's definitely NSFW, and certainly not for children.

In the song, Emmanuel Hudson -- who's no stranger to putting out parodies -- begins to sing the original version, until Nelly jumps in with his signature hook, "E.I. E.I. Oh!" Emmanuel then drops a few bars on the verse that might just be useful in a high school sex ed class.

Listen to the rest of the raunchy ABCs sung by Nelly and the "Wild 'N Out" cast, and don't miss more from the hilarious episode tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!