Team USA Is Battling The UK...In This Week's 'Wild 'N Out' Face-Off

Chicago-born Blair Christian goes head-to-head with Brit Kojo in the show's Comedy Improv Theater.

There's no question that "Wild' N Out" newbie Blair Christian's razor-sharp roasting skills are on point. (Remember when she jabbed her own boss?)

But her intimidating reputation must not have traveled across the pond -- because Great Britain's comedic treasure Kojo had no fear when facing off with the Season 6 freshman in the "WNO" Comedy Improv Theater.

"I'm all the way from London, England, and we never lose," Kojo brags in the clip, below.

"Okay, great," Blair says. "I'm from Chicago. We're the home of winners. I can just say one name: Obama!"

Can the two put their patriotic loyalties aside to make us laugh? See if they do when they combine the words "turnt up" and "chicken" -- plus a blow-up doll.

Plus, don't miss more of this season's crazy cast when "Wild 'N Out" premieres Wednesday at 11/10c on MTV2!