Nev Schulman Explains Why He's Gone Gangsta On This Season's 'Catfish'

Noticed a change in the Internet detective this time around? Allow him to explain...

Reeling in foul "Catfish" is nothing new for Internet detectives Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, but on the show's third season, they're not letting Internet liars off the hook so easily.

Fans who have been keeping up with Nev and Max's most recent travels have noticed that the sleuths aren't mincing many words (look no further than Nev's now-infamous argument with Kidd Cole for evidence), and in the interview below, Nev explains that while filming the newest batch of episodes, he gave himself license to express his sincere anger when the online liars he met weren't playing nice.

"For me this season, I definitely made a decision that I was going to be a little more open and forthcoming with my feelings," Nev says in the clip. He adds that some of Season 3's offenders have been "acting out of anger or intent to hurt other people," and that when he felt like banging his head against the wall, he resolved to respond the way he believed a viewer might.

Still, he admits he's not always proud of his more aggressive confrontations.

"I don't always feel good about it, but I think it's important that if someone makes you feel a certain way, you should let them know that, so they hopefully understand that what they're doing is having a negative effect on someone," he explains.

Do you like the Gangsta Nev? Or do you prefer the kinder, gentler version? Sound off, and keep watching "Catfish" Wednesday nights at 10/9c!

Photo: Pamela Littky