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Let Melissa McCarthy Explain Soccer To You

Now with bonus goal faces.

When you live in a culture that only pays attention to soccer every four years (four? Four feels right. It feels like four years since we last cared about soccer), sometimes you need a trusted source to explain to you what the hell is happening. It's not even a single elimination double alley-oops whatever elimination system, either. We don't get it.

Luckily, "Tammy" star Melissa McCarthy and her husband, writer/director Ben Falcone, do. Kind of.

MTV News caught up with McCarthy and Falcone on the red carpet of a special screening of "Tammy" this week. The two, who speak fluent fùtbol, not only explained what happened that made the U.S. advance in the World Cup even though they lost, but also demonstration their best goal faces. Oh, and you just know they had something to say about that biting incident.

Check out the clip above to let McCarthy and Falcone answer all (or at least some) of your soccer questions.