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Oh, S--t! That Guy Just Bit Another Guy In A World Cup Game!


Drop everything, a dude just totally bit another dude in a World Cup game.

Uruguay's Luis Suarez broke that cardinal preschool rule: We don't bite. Toward the end of Uruguay's final game of the first group in the World Cup, Suarez charged Chiellini and got a good piece of his shoulder, then both of them fell to the ground.

Suarez was not shown a card or penalized. Minutes later, Uruguay scored a goal to beat Italy 1-0 and advance to the next round.

Suarez came out of the collision holding his mouth in apparent pain, while an outraged Chiellini peeled down the shoulder of his jersey to reveal indentations from Suarez's teeth.

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As it turns out, Suarez has a history of biting. In April 2013, he was suspended for 10 games while playing for Liverpool following biting a Chelsea player in the Premiere League.

In 2011, he earned a seven-game suspension for yet another biting incident, as well as the nickname "the cannibal of Ajax." Um, what?

Welcome to the earth, everyone, where we straight up bite people in the middle of soccer games.

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