This Is What Brody Jenner And Stephanie Pratt Thought Of Speidi's 'Wife Swap'

Spencer's buddy, plus his sister, had plenty to say about last night's episode.

Friends and family are there to support you through thick, thin and, in the case of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, trading partners on national television.

On last night's "Celebrity Wife Swap," Heidi and Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard switched lives, husbands and houses for a week. And Brody Jenner (who's no longer feuding with Spencer) and Stephanie Pratt (who's also no longer feuding with Spencer) had plenty to say as viewers.

Spencer's sis, who's never had trouble speaking her mind, predicted she'd be in for some craziness before the episode even aired. "Bahaha 4 dogs & a baby can't wait to LMAO watching you guys on @abc @WifeSwap tonight @heidimontag @spencerpratt," she tweeted with a photo of a sneak peek in which the former "Hills" villain is struggling to corral a gang of pups.

Brody, on the other hand, waited to offer his two cents until about halfway through the episode. That's when Spence's temporary wife Amanda introduced him to a few FBI agents after getting word that he was fascinated by the government organization. "I am dying over here," Brody texted his pal, according to Spencer's Instagram shot. (Note that Jenner is listed in his buddy's phone as "Prince Brody.")

Spencer Pratt's Instagram

Did you catch the episode? What did you think about Spencer taking care of the fake baby he delicately named "Thing," or his swimming contest against Amanda? How about Heidi cooing over Amanda's kids? Share your reactions in the comments below!

Photos: Scott Barbour and Jesse Grant/Getty Images