'Free Agents' GIF Of The Week: Johnny Plays Tug Boat To A Shipwrecked Devyn

She ran out of steam and was sinking fast, but her teammate was determined to bring her to shore.

Honest talk: If Tamara-the-wig knew what horrors lay ahead of her when she arrived in Uruguay (so much dirty water!), she probably would have called it quits even sooner.

On last week's "Free Agents" episode, Devyn and Johnny, who deemed each other the weakest female and male players of their sexes, respectively, wound up as teammates in "Crossover." And though the odds were stacked against them, they actually got a pretty good pace going -- that is, until an exhausted Devyn found herself sinking like a stone in the water. Rather than leave her behind as fish food, though, Johnny heroically pulled D through the surf. The duo didn't come close to winning, but hey, at least The Draw is still on their sides!

The same can't be said for Leroy, however. After pulling the Kill Card, he'll compete against CT in the penultimate elimination round on Thursday night's episode.

"Going up against CT tonight is definitely a big deal," he says as he suits up for "Wrecking Wall" in the sneak peek, below. "He and myself are both power players in this game, and to send him home would definitely change the game a lot."

But CT, who's fresh off a "Rivals II" win, isn't ready to bite the bullet yet. "I'm gonna give it everything I've got," he declares. "I'm just focused."

Who do you have your money on? Watch the clip, and see who comes out on top tomorrow night at 10/9c!