Devyn Waves A Final 'Free Agents' Goodbye To Her Beloved Wig, Tamara

The Challenger shares how she and Tamara fell in love, and what she's lost.

Loss is never easy, but we can take solace in the fact that one beloved synthetic hairpiece is in heaven.

After being dragged through sand, thrust underwater and soured by tomato juice over the course of "Free Agents," Devyn's favorite wavy friend, Tamara, sadly passed after last week's "Sausage Party" mission, and on tonight's episode, was officially laid to rest. Luckily, Devyn's fellow competitors offered support, but neither Aneesa's shoulder, nor Leroy's assertion that "You can find another wig at another beauty supply" could properly console her.

Yes, Tamara surely went too soon -- she had so many braided or bobbed days ahead of her -- but the priceless weave's memory will never be forgotten. Check out what her surviving (and adoring) owner, Devyn, told us earlier today about her fallen comrade, and be sure to offer your condolences.

When did you formally adopt Tamara?

Tamara Louise Wig was adopted October 12, 2014, from a local wig shop in downtown Kansas City.

What set Tamara apart from her companions, and why was her loss a particularly devastating one?

Tamara was actually a twin -- she was purchased on sale, two-for-one. She had the ability to maintain her curl and fabulousness even when wet and wavy, and she was up for anything TJ threw at us.

What were some of your happier moments together?

I remember the first time I saw Tamara, she was sitting atop a mannequin on the corner of the weave shop. When the store clerk brought her down to me and I put her on my head, I just knew it would be love, and when the clerk offered me a discount, I was sold!

Tamara enjoyed blowing in the wind. She was a particular fan of the Uruguayan sunset. She was always flirting with the locals and even once had a young Uruguayan try to touch her, but she wasn’t that kind of wig.

How did you know that she had officially passed, and that she was beyond saving?

Well, anytime you get tomatoes in anything besides a bowl, it’s pretty much a done deal. Tamara was a trooper, that’s for sure, but no amount of shampoo was going to bring life back into her synthetic waves.

Is there any replacing Tamara? What’s the closest wig you have to her now?

Tamara's twin wig, Tia, survived her, and went on to endure more of TJ’s outrageous demands, but Tia passed from a broken heart -- a broken hair clip -- just a short time after her sister. She was determined to stay and fight in Tamara’s honor.

I know Tamara is in wig heaven, not only because I can feel it, but also because she sends tweets from there.