Getty Images Sport/Han Myung-Gu

Psy Played 'Gangnam Style' In The Gangnam District For The First Time

Back where it all began.

On Tuesday night, 30,000 fans gathered in Coex Mall in Gangnam, South Korea, psyched to hear Psy sing his new single "Hangover" during a show commemorating Korea's 2014 World Cup game against Russia.

What they got instead, though, was the first-ever performance of "Gangnam Style" in the actual South Korean district that inspired it.

"I won't be singing my recently released song today. I can't sing about hangovers when cheering for our national team," Psy said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's my first time performing 'Gangnam Style' in Gangnam. ... I appear before you doing what I need to do where I need to be," said Psy, who, it seems, is very, very serious about soccer. "I've been cheering for the World Cup since 2002, but it's so early in the morning. You are the most innocent looking audiences I've ever had."

His eight-song set included the 2002 World Cup Games song that helped launch his career, "Champion," which Psy said is even nearer and dearer to his heart than his global "Style" smash. He ended the show with a tease about his upcoming EP.

"As I've already announced, I will be returning this hot summer with new tracks that are even hotter than the weather," he said.