Psy Calculates Snoop Dogg’s ‘Hangover’ Video Math: 8 Hours Of Shooting, 10 Hours Of Partying

Wake up in the morning and do the same s---.

Psy did the “Gangnam Style” thing and made 2 billion people very happy. It was cute, silly and fun to dance to at weddings and your 5-year-old niece’s birthday party.

But now the South Korean superstar is ready to seriously party, like, adult style. And when it’s professional tipping you’re after, the first (and probably only) person on your list should be Snoop Dogg.

“What I thought was I should refresh myself, and people, that I’m doing something different, so I thought about maybe changing genres,” Psy told MTV News about the retro 808 hip-hop style beat on his just-released single, “Hangover.” When he wrote the track, Psy was searching for a catchy hook, and, shocker, he came up with the perfect one the morning after a night of serious “over drinking.”

The video opens with Psy waking up in a trashed room, then running to the toilet to relive the previous night’s revelry, with Snoop popping up out of the bathtub to help his pal get the poison out. The brain wormy dancehall-style hook and the Jason Derulo-style honking horns combined with Snoop rhythmic back slapping and the sight of the two friends brushing their teeth together suggests that Psy may have hit mega-click gold again.
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