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Happy Birthday Kendrick! Now Here Are 27 Reasons We Need Your New Album

Our gift to you.

On this day, 27 years ago, Kendrick Lamar was born -- but we're not going to celebrate, just for celebration's sake.


We want something from K. Dot on his birthday: A new album.

Yeah, it's a little selfish -- but it's what we're feeling. So, Kendrick, as you enjoy your 27th birthday, here are 27 reasons we need that next project. And, happy birthday, too.

We need your new album because...

good kid m.A.A.d city is a modern day classic, so we can only imagine what's next

You released a project every year from 2009-2012. You're not about to go two years in a row without one, right?

As much as we love your features (like on Mike Will's new song "Buy The World"), that's just not enough

We don't want Top Dawg to be a liar

We wanna know if there will be Drake subliminals...or a Drake feature

Even without an album, you had 2013's best verse

We wanna see the "ideas" you told us about come to fruition

We'd love to hear you on a Dre beat

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You can get Taylor Swift to do this again

We're hoping Eminem will return that feature you gave him on "Love Game"

And J. Cole will return the one you gave on "Forbidden Fruit"

Maybe there will be a Black Hippy collaboration?

It's the 20th anniversary of some monumental albums this year, and dropping your own is like a form of paying homage

Fans want it so badly they're making up fake covers and titles

You've told us so much about Sherane -- and we want to know more

Lupe Fiasco will get more evidence to reconsider his stance on your lyrical talent

Macklemore will feel better if you finally get your Best Rap Album Grammy

Zac Efron loved your debut, and he's ready for the follow up

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But mostly because you're capable of this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this