Let's Solve Lady Gaga's Missing Diamonds Mystery

Welp, that was easy.

While on a three-week vacation from the artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour, Lady Gaga's been dabbling in a few new interests -- namely canine couture, Daphne Guinness cosplay, and wig baths. Her latest hobby? Wearing obscene amounts of diamond jewelry and promptly forgetting that she put them all on in the first place. Trust me, it's a thing.

In a photo of Gaga and her batpig Instagrammed on Friday (June 13), the "G.U.Y." singer used the caption to ask her trusted followers: "Has anybody seen my diamonds"? Not to steal your thunder or anything, Nancy Drew Who, but I think I've already solved this mystery.

Case closed.


Don't feel bad if it took you a while to spot all of the gems. Just follow the helpful arrows I've added to the pic, and you'll catch them in no time. How did I do it? Well, a true detective never reveals his secrets. Let's just say that the trick was knowing what a f--king diamond looks like.

Look at that! Another crime solved by dinnertime. (Mary-Kate & Ashley would be proud.) If any of you need help tracking down your lost jewels, hit me up. Just please remember that I only accept payments in...