Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Fall In And Out Of Love On Instagram: A Timeline

Upload. Delete. Repeat.

On Wednesday night, June 11, Justin Bieber Instagrammed a photo of him nuzzling with his on-again, off-again, flon-again, floff-again ladyfriend, Selena Gomez, only to delete it not long after.

Does this mean that Selena’s back together with the “Confident” singer again? Ummmm, I don’t know! What I can say is that this mysterious, relationship-teasing behavior is far from uncharted territory for Jelena. In fact, they’ve been doing this kinda stuff on Instagram ever since they “officially” broke up in November 2012. Let’s review.

Six months after calling it quits with Selena, Justin Instagrammed this cuddly couple’s photo in April 2013 — only to delete it soon after.


Hmmmmmmmm, sound familiar?

A few days later, though, he returned with yet another intimate pic to rile up the fandoms.


All quiet on the Jelena front? NOT FOR LONG.

In July 2013, Justin posted this possibly platonic selfie with his onetime girlfriend.


Then in January 2014, Selena and Justin rang in the New Year with yet another eyebrow-raising photo.


Oh, and Segways. Can’t forget the Segways.


Apropos of nothing, Justin Instagrammed these shots of Selena at Vanity Fair’s 2014 Oscars party in March, captioning: “Most elegant princess in the world.”


…And apparently that worked! A couple weeks later, Jelena were spotting dirty dancing in a series of Instagram videos.

Back in April, Selena and Justin visited Bieber protégée Madison Beer in the studio on the same day — albeit separately, but COME ON.


Later that month, Justin ’grammed this #tbt shot of him and Selena walking on the beach with his little brother and sister.


…Which, apparently, was enough to get the Most Elegant Princess in the World™ back on his side.

At least if that now-deleted Instagram from June 11 is any indication.


The saga continues, next time on “Jelena’gram Mystery Theater”!

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