Justin Bieber Pins Selena To The Wall In Dirty Dancing Instagram Video

The on-again off-again couple most certainly look on in Bieber's latest Instagram videos.

Ever since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunited in Texas last week, fans have been desperately wondering: Are they or aren't they?

Well, on Monday (March 10), just hours after videos from his heated deposition surfaced online, Justin Bieber all but confirmed that they were, in fact, more than friends. The "Boyfriend" singer shared a video on Instagram of the two rehearsing a rather erotic dance in front of wall of mirrors, as John Legend's "Ordinary People" served as the soundtrack to their waltz.

At one point things get so heated between the pair that Justin pins Selena against the wall — in an artistic way, of course.

We suppose there's the very small chance that the two are completely platonic dance partners. But then again, seeing as Bieber called Selena "the most elegant princess in the world" just last week, we're guessing there's more going on than just a dance.

And, we hardly think it's a coincidence that the Biebs chose "Ordinary People" — a song about an oft-volatile romance: "Girl I'm in love with you/ This ain't the honeymoon/ Past the infatuation phase/ Right in the thick of love/ At times we get sick of love/ It seems like we argue everyday."

It seems like the perfect song for the pair, who have been on-again off-again since their breakup in November of 2012.

But judging from the chemistry they have as dance partners, it seems like nothing could keep these two away from each other for long.