Justin Bieber And Rita Ora Were Supposed To Be Tattoo Buddies


Rita Ora and Justin Bieber are apparently tattoo buddies -- according to tat artist to the stars, Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy.

This week, Ora coped a pair of new tats from Bang Bang at The Mercer Hotel in New York City -- a ballerina on her arm and a feather on her hand.

"It might be somewhat common but it's super, super unique," Bang Bang said of the feather, which he sent us the following photo of.

According to the tattoo artist, the hotel-side tat session -- which was overseen by Cara Delevingne -- was arranged by Ora while hanging with Justin Bieber.

"Rita called me, like, two weeks ago when she bumped into Justin Bieber, because I tattoo him, too," Bang Bang said. He previously tattoo'd a cross on Bieber's chest while on a plane, among other ink. "They called me together like, 'Hey! We're coming to get tattoo'd,'" he said. The two apparently got close while recording, leading to rumors about Ora's recent split with Calvin Harris.

Bieber didn't show up this time, so Ora got tatted up solo from roughly 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. "I didn't ask [what the ballerina means] and I'm usually pretty nosy," Bang Bang said. "She emphasized the word 'cute,' like it has to be cute. Not too dark, real delicate."

Ora posted a photo of the tat to Instagram, sharing some pretty interesting future career plans. "We're gona be ballerinas when were 102! @andacloud9 #iloveubestie @bangbangnyc free-hand drawn on. You beast! Love you my brother!" she wrote.

Although Bieber failed to show this week, Bang Bang has no doubt that he will tattoo the pop star again -- despite past statements that he was done getting inked (statements that later proved to be false).

"Nobody's ever done getting tattoos," Bang Bang said.

Images courtesy of Bang Bang