Justin Bieber Has Hit His Ink Limit: 'Done' With Tattoos For A While

Singer shows off his half sleeves in new pictures and says he's gonna take a break.

Back when Justin Bieber first came into our lives in 2009, he was a clean-cut 15-year-old whose innocence charmed the world. Now, well, the singer is an inked-up, jet-setting bad boy whose legal troubles rival his recent hit count.

But after turning his body into a walking work of art, Bieber announced on Tuesday (March 25) that he's taking a break from the chair after completing the partial sleeves on his arms.

But before he threw in the towel, the self-proclaimed modern-day James Dean
 posted pics of a cross he got inked on his chest during a plane ride with famed tattoo artist Bang Bang in January and images of his filled-out lower-arm sleeves.

"Done with tats 4 a while ... Where I wanna be," Bieber wrote alongside an image of his right arm, adorned with fish scales, a boombox and an Korean mask to go along with previous pieces that included the word "Trust" and a court jester.

He also showed off the filled-out lower side of his arm, now with a ghost and eight ball to go along with his a Banksy-inspired "Balloon Girl".