'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Really Trust Luke?

Ever since he got caught in a compromising position, we're wondering if the college boy is too good to be true.

Oh, "Awkward." -- way to live up to your name. This season has been particularly tense and trying for everyone, especially Jenna. For one, she's had to deal with lingering feelings for Matty. Then she went in a positive, new direction and started dating college hottie Luke. But now, after this week's episode, we're a little worried that Jenna's in for some trouble (in paradise) with her latest beau.

When Tamara and J-Town burst in on Luke getting a sexy back-rub, he managed to quickly clear the air. You see, Luke wasn't cheating on Jenna -- the amateur (and decidedly female) massage therapist happened to be his bestie, Shane. And while Shane is exceptionally hot, well, she's also a lesbian. This fact immediately calmed Jenna (and piqued Tam-Tam's interest), but should the PHHS blogger be so easily convinced that everything's cool? Sure, Luke seems like a decent guy, and Shane like ladies. But is it ever okay for your boyfriend to be getting a semi-nude rubdown from another woman?

Jenna seems super-willing to believe every word that comes out of Luke's mouth, but maybe she shouldn't. After all, they live in different towns, and he's a college boy with temptation everywhere.

+ Do you think Luke is the perfect guy, or is he hiding something? Take our poll and be sure to catch an all new episode of "Awkward" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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