Watch Tom Cruise Test His Knowledge Of Tom Cruise Movies

Three decades, a zillion movies, one seriously ridiculous red-carpet quiz.

By Josh Horowitz

Tom Cruise is an icon to be sure, and that's in no small part thanks to the amazing array of characters he's played in his career. With "Edge of Tomorrow," opening this Friday, he adds another to the list.

We can all name our favorite Tom Cruise characters, of course (my vote is for his "Magnolia" degenerate, Frank T.J. Mackey). But the real question is, How well does Cruise know his own career?

That's what the game, "Cruise or Lose," is all about. We put Tom to the test to see if he could ID his own characters. Would he know, for instance, that he's never played a character named Harry Styles or Charles Xavier? The answer might surprise you.