6 Things You Need To Know About ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Is this going to be summer's best blockbuster?

Summer movie season is upon us in full force, and harkening us back to those glory days of epic, big-budget blockbusters of the early aughts is Tom Cruise’s latest, “Edge of Tomorrow.” A high concept science fiction flick, it’s so much more than the sum of its parts — and a wonderful counterpoint to the seemingly neverending comic book movie cavalcade that’s come to dominate summer cinema as of late.

Tom Cruise no longer a draw for you when it comes to movies? Don’t worry — you’re hardly alone on that front. But we’re here to tell you: this film is worth it. (We’ve seen it.) And to convince you of that fact, we’re giving you a couple non-spoilery reasons to get you excited and out the door.

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