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Rihanna's Weed And Nipple Tweets Feel Kinda Weird With Maya Angelou's Face On Them

Angelou might not approve of some of Rih's comments.

Now that she's off Instagram, we have to rely on Rihanna's tweets to keep us up-to-date on what's on her mind. And one thing she's been thinking about a lot over the past 24 hours is the death of poet/author Maya Angelou.

In fact, Rih Rih as so inspired by the passing of Dr. Angelou that in addition to posting three times about it on Wednesday, she also changed her Twitter icon into an image of Angelou -- which is a totally cool, amazing tribute to a true American original.

...But here's the thing. Now that every Rihanna tweet is accompanied by an image of Angelou (for now, anyway), going back into her feed some of her tweets feel a bit, well, weird when paired with the regal snap of the Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and Mother Theresa Award recipient.

Listen Rih, we're all for fun and nipple love, kissing and Maya Angelou praise, but maybe not all of that in the same place at the same time? A few examples of this only-on-the-Internet problem:

Free The Nipple

Angelou was all about personal freedom, but Rih Rih's embrace of Scout Willis' topless New York romp seems like a different kind of battle.

Or This One Written Just Before The News Broke

And This One

Of Course The Charlie Sheen Dis

And Her Old New Avatar