Read Beyonce, Rihanna And Pharrell's Emotional Reactions To Maya Angelou's Death

Plus Lena Dunham, Lil Wayne, Nas and more artists say goodbye to the iconic artist.

Maya Angelou died in her Winston-Salem, North Carolina, home on Wednesday morning (May 28) at the age of 86, prompting an outpouring of emotion from celebrities who wanted to thank Angelou for her work. The writer, poet, actor, singer and civil-rights activist touched culture and politics with her work -- something that became even more obvious in the reactions from influential artists like Rihanna, who changed her Twitter avatar to Angelou's face and Beyonce, who quoted her classic poem "Still I Rise" on Instagram.

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Bey shared a photo of the late writer with the caption, "Rest in peace phenomenal woman," and followed that with a hand-written version of the infamous poem. And she clearly isn't the only one that Angelou has touched.

After quoting some of her work, Lena Dunham even threw in a little humor, referencing the writer's fiery spirit. "also, let it be known that Maya Angelou had a tour bus. Because she was a f---ing rock star," she wrote.