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Who Is TrapWiz? Listen To These Six Songs From 28 Grams

Get to know Wiz's new persona.

Over the last few years, Wiz Khalifa has presented himself as a certain kind of character, and it's one we and fans have grown to love: He's happy, is eager to laugh and enjoys a hearty amount of a jolly green plant. Those traits have seeped into his music and marked his style.

With the release of the Pittsburgh rapper's 28 Grams, which he dropped over the weekend, Wiz introduced a new persona: TrapWiz.

If you were like us, you were wondering who is TrapWiz exactly?

Well, if you haven't listened to the full tape yet, these six songs (there are 28 on the project) provide a quick intro to let you know what TrapWiz is all about. As you'll hear, he's not stepping out too far with his content, but some of his flows, as well as the beats and his use of Auto-Tune, set TrapWiz apart from good ol' Cap.

1. "James Bong"

Wiz linked up with frequent collaborator ID Labs for this joint, which appears early on the tape. A deviation from the spacey collabs of their past, the production here is more frenetic, laying a background for Wiz's chant-like flow.

2. "Foreign"

The simple, repetitive hook sets the stage for this car-loving anthem.

3. "Like Jimmy"

With Zaytoven on the beat, Wiz ratchets up another sparse yet catchy hook.

4. "Jim Brown"

Sonny Digital's trap-infused sound is all over this track, as Wiz rhymes with the assistance of Auto-Tune.

5. "Word On The Town" featuring Juicy J and Pimp C

As two Southern legends rap by his side, Wiz kicks his verse of some classically trap-style hi-hats.

6. "How To Be Real" featuring Curtis Williams

Again with the aide of some vocal distortion, Wiz teaches you how to be real over an 808 Mafia-produced banger.