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Justin Bieber Previews New Song: Is It A Message To Selena?

Is it working, Selena?

The relationship drama between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is, frankly, giving us whiplash.

Last night, Bieber took to his Instagram feed to post a snippet of a new track, which looks to be called "It's Working" – Bieber's only comment on the post was, "You know exactly what to do to hurt me."

The lyrics echo both the title and Bieber's sentiment, repeating, "You know exactly what to do to hurt me - it's working, it's working" twice.

Between the lyrics and the pained vocals, we're picking up what the Biebs is throwing down. Despite looking pretty cozy back in March, it seems like the couple is firmly in the "off" stage of their torrid romance, which officially ended in November 2012 but has never quite stuck.

This isn't the first time we've surmised that the singer has posted a song about his on again off again flame – and it's likely not the last. We can practically see Justin's tear-filled puppy dog eyes via this latest social media serenade.

Your move, Selena.

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