Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Rain’ Drops And Taylors Think That’s ‘Dope': Listen

Rain isn't the only thing Trap Wiz can't stand.

Wiz Khalifa understands how badly Taylors want that 28 Grams he’s been promising. So with his mixtape release still looming, he dropped a track that should be just the fix you need.

“Rain” pops off with Trap Wiz unapologetically nodding to his daily kush habit and complaining about how he can’t stand “fake n—as.” As Missy Elliott’s Timbaland-produced ’90s classic “(The Rain) Supa Dupa Fly” provides the backdrop, the ’Burgh MC mouths off.

“Clique full of psychos/ Goon in some tight clothes / Me? my paper’s straight, no typos,” Wiz boasts before expounding on his work ethic. “I’m in the studio all night / Make sure the sh– you call a dream is what I really call my life.”

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.