Hangout Fest Is The Rihanna Of Music Festivals — Here’s Why

Going to Hangout and being Rih are basically the same thing.

Yes, Hangout Fest is the Rihanna of music festivals. Don’t believe me? Let’s break it down.

Imagine if every music festival were assigned the identity of a different pop star. BeyoncĂ© would be Glastonbury, what with her ability to unite all people for a common good (i.e., worshipping Bey), and “Sneakernight” icon Vanessa Hudgens would be Coachella because end of discussion. With her whole #StopTheDrama #StartTheMusic ethos, Lady Gaga gets Woodstock ’69, while Miley Cyrus can def have Woodstock ’99.

But, what about “The Monster” singer? Can’t remember to forget her. After a lot of thought, I’ve settled on Hangout Fest, which heads down to Gulf Shores, AL this weekend with live sets by Outkast, The Black Keys, Tegan & Sara, Bleachers, The Killers, Le1f, Girl Talk, Danny Brown, and more. Don’t agree? Maybe this will convince you.

First off, it’s on the beach.


And, if it’s the beach that you want, then you can make Rih your girl.

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