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Why Hangout Fest Is The Only Music Festival You Need In Your Life

Forget you, Coachella.

As your calendar is filling up with all the summer music festivals you need to pay attention to, let me make it easy. Here's why Hangout Fest is the only fest in which you need to invest.

There. I rhymed. Did I get your attention?

Forget Bonnaroo or Electric Daisy or, hell, even Newport. Here's why you need Hangout in your life.


Do I even need to proceed with this post? It's on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sand between your toes, sun on your sunhat and a brisk saltwater breeze. Like, really, what more could you want when you're jamming to Outkast?


Even The Kickoff Party Is Bangin'

I mean, before we even get started on this magical weekend, the party is already started. With the kickoff party, we'll hear from Bleachers (a.k.a. Jack Antonoff from Fun.), Iron & Wine, Girl Talk and so much more.

Look, here's Girl Talk, ready to bring his mash-ups to you on Thursday.

There Will Be No Flower Crowns

I can't actually promise anything, but I have a feeling that people will leave the flower crowns for Coachella and bring their seashell hair ties instead. Feel out that beachy vibe and wear a lei instead.

See that? Shell accessories. I'm all about it.


Seafood. That Is All.

Hello! You'll be in Alabama, right on the water. Of course there will be seafood there! Fresh shrimp, gumbo, jambalaya and oysters prepared by regional restaurants: Ugh, my mouth is watering.

Hangout Fest

A Waterslide To Relive All Your Childhood Dreams

Along with a Ferris wheel and a giant tower ride that will drop you from the sky.

Not the same waterslide, but you get the point...


And there will be games too! Maybe you've played beach volleyball and ping pong before, but have you played beach volleyball and ping pong with Jack Johnson serenading you? I think not.

You'll Be On The Gulf Of Mexico, Dude


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