5SOS Fans Get Too 'Hungry' For Album News, Crash Bands Website

This is why we can't have nice things.

5 Seconds of Summer fans, we have a release date!

The Australian pop-rockers are dropping their debut album on July 22, and our countdown has officially begun (76 days to go).

We learned of the news after the foursome -- Ashton, Michael, Calum and Luke -- released their brand-new, Pacman-inspired video game, #Hungry5SOS, urging fans to "find some stuff hidden in the maze."

Fans, including myself, were so eager to see what they could find, that they crashed the website, which, as of press time, still isn't working. Sad faces all around.

But fear not 5SOS fans, there were some of you that were lucky enough to play the game, and share all the news on Twitter (I personally thank you for that) and it turns out they got their first look at the album art work, which features the guys on the cover with a red graffiti-like "x" over the group.

But that's not all, while playing the game, they were also treated to some lovely background music, which just so happened to be studio versions of their songs "Amnesia" and "Good Girls Are Bad Girls," which they've been playing on tour, plus two new songs.

Not surprisingly, 5SOS fans were freaking out.

As if this wasn't enough information to get your heads spinning, the "She Looks So Perfect" singers also announced that their video for "Don't Stop" will be "coming to a screen near you" on May 19.

The band released a teaser poster from the video, which seems to bring the lyric video life and makes the band's "childhood dreams come true" by turning them into superheroes.

5SOS will make their way back to the U.S. when they open for One Direction later this summer.