14 Reasons 5 Seconds Of Summer's 'Don't Stop' Has Us Crushing Hard

The boys from Down Under get animated for their latest lyric vid.

The boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer fight for the most noble thing any man could - the right girl's heart - in their latest lyric video for "Don't Stop."

Cartoon versions of Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton decked out in superhero costumes have definitely captured a lot of attention based on how many views the video has been getting - over 175,000 since it was released this morning!

What is it about these boys from Australia can we not get enough of? We have some ideas:

1. They're down to earth; they eat pizza!

2. They have brains. Intelligent and talented. Check!

3. You want to run away with me? Oooh la la! Oui, oui!

4. They get excited about getting new clothes. Cool, let's go to the mall!

5. They'll do anything to win a girl's heart.

6. Give me some dap! Even in the face of danger, they find time to fist bump.

7. They appreciate the value of good eye contact.

8. Nothing scares them and they can take down more than one bad guy at a time.

9. Individually, each of the guys is a force to be reckoned with, but together, duh, they're UNSTOPPABLE.

10. They demonstrate the best ways to protect your face: Put both hands up in front of it or wear a mask, so if you do get hit no one will know.

11. Whoa. Did he just break down that wall? How much weight do you think these guys lift?

12. Saving a girl from a bomb with 10 seconds to spare? They aren't just on time, they make sure they're early!

13. Who needs a SWAT team 5SOS can find bombs?

14. Sharing is caring, and these guys share the cred and responsibility of saving the damsel in distress.