God Doesn't Care About Robert Pattinson In This 'Rover' Clip

But we still do!

You know, not every highly anticipated summer movie has to have a superhero in it. "The Rover," for example, has Guy Pearce, Robert Pattison and a lot of dirt, and I couldn't be more excited.

Lucky for me, the new clip from "The Rover," which just went online, has all three of those things.

"The Rover" takes place in the Australian Outback of the near future and comes from the minds of David Michôd and Joel Edgerton, two of the guys who brought us "Animal Kingdom," one of the most underappreciated movies of the last ten years.

It follows Eric (Pearce), whose car is stolen by a gang. One of the thieves (Pattinson) doesn't make a clean getaway and is then forced by Eric to help track down the car.

Based on the tone of this clip and the first trailer, "The Rover" is going to be one of this summer's must-sees.

"The Rover" opens in limited release on June 13, before going wide on June 20.