Robert Pattinson In 'The Rover': Watch The Trailer Now

'Twilight' star leaves behind Forks for an apocalyptic Australian outback.

"Twilight" fans are getting another look at what happens when Robert Pattinson leaves his sparkling days behind him. The first trailer for David Michôd's "The Rover" features a very different Pattinson that even the biggest Twihard may not recognize as the former Edward Cullen.

"The Rover" tells a gritty tale set in the Australian outback. Eric, played by Guy Pearce, has his car stolen from him by a gang of thieves. The only thing left behind is one from among their ranks, an injured man, Reynolds (Pattinson).

The trippy preview gives just a brief look at the bleak, bleak vision that is "The Rover." The Australian of the crime drama resembles something closer to the "Mad Max" series than the modern world.

The project gained attention early on, not only because the world is so eager to see what Pattinson does with his post-"Twilight" career, but also because he's continuing a streak of working with serious talent. As a follow up to Pattinson's work with director David Cronenberg on "Cosmopolis," "The Rover" features a few names that are sure to get film geeks' hearts fluttering.

This is David Michôd's follow-up to "Animal Kingdom," the 2010 crime drama that helped launch the careers of Oscar nominee Jackie Weaver and Joel Edgerton, who also wrote the story for "The Rover." If you haven't seen "Animal Kingdom" yet, you really, really should. It's very good and a great way to pass the time until "The Rover" hits theaters.

"The Rover" is expected to open sometime this year.