Lil Wayne And Drake's 9 Most Unforgettable Lines From 'Believe Me'

Wayne and Drizzy dropped a few gems on Tha Carter V single.

If you were feeling any sort of indifference toward Lil Wayne's upcoming album Tha Carter V, you might've had a change of heart after hearing his new single "Believe Me" this weekend. Weezy delivers some of his finest rhymes in a while, and he and Drake essentially knock this one out of the park. There were a few lines that we just couldn't shake from the brain.


"I'm the only one that get the job done/ I don't know a n---- that can cover for me."

It can't be easy to be the one consistently crushing verses, hooks, selling Platinum records, hosting awards shows and holding the torch for your hometown NBA team. Or, maybe it is.

"On the road I do One Direction numbers."

All the power of a boy band, rolled into one man.

"Collect call from the boss like where we at though/ I was like, 'Hah, it's our time, n---'/ He left Rikers in a Phantom, that's my n---."

Drake kept the hits coming for Young Money while Weezy was locked up. Of course he left prison with his head high.

"Nirvana, Coldplay n---- got bands/ Ink from the money got it all over my hands."

Boy bands, rock's just the bands that count, at the end of the day.

Lil Wayne

"N---- I'll fire this Nina like it's her first day on the job and the bitch overslept."

Wayne is as serious about deading haters, as your boss is about deading that paycheck when you get sloppy.

"Waiting for someone to test me like a Harvard n----."

The rap game's got Ivy League students, too.

"Where the real Queens at? Shout out Capone and Noreaga."

Weezy's out here looking for a queen, while giving it up to some of the kings from Queens.

"I had these bitches having babies every week."

Wayne welcomed three of his four children into the world between 2008 and 2009. He definitely knew that he was doing a lot.