'Game Of Thrones': 7 Burning Questions About 'First Of His Name'

Cersei makes nice, Littlefinger makes moves, and Bran hodors Hodor.

The latest "Game of Thrones" was shy on the White Walker action, but heavy on all other forms of political positioning and chaotic combat.

From the wheeling and dealing in King's Landing — which included the coronation of a new king and Tywin Lannister's great admission of weakness — to the all-out havoc wreaked beyond the Wall, "First of His Name" was another jam-packed episode of "Game of Thrones," and yielded plenty of questions as well. Here are seven of our most pressing questions:

1. Is Tommen the First Good King of Westeros?

According to Cersei, the new king of the Seven Kingdoms just might be "the first man in fifty years to sit on the throne who actually deserves it." Bold words to be sure, but bold words from a woman who would know; Cersei was well acquainted with Aerys Targaryen, intimately acquainted with Robert Baratheon, and tragically acquainted with her late son Joffrey. If Cersei says Tommen's the man (or boy) for the throne, she probably has a point.

2. Are the Lannisters Broke?

We've heard buzz about the Iron Bank of Braavos for several episodes now, and last night, they reared their heads again. Tywin Lannister has confessed that the goldmines that fuel the Lannisters' riches have gone dry, and that the crown owes an insane amount of money to the Iron Bank — and seeing as the Iron Bank is known for crushing its debtors by funding their enemies, it's safe to assume that the Lannisters might want to host a yard sale sometime in the nearish future.

3. Is This How the World Ends?

Cersei Lannister forging peace with Margaery Tyrell? What's next? Dogs and cats, living together? Mass hysteria? These are the kinds of things we never expected to see on "Game of Thrones," and yet, here we are: Cersei and Marg, sworn enemies, working in concert. It's a strange, beautiful thing.

4. Will Daenerys Stay Put?

All hell has broken loose across Slaver's Bay, and only one person can clean up the mess: Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. But now that she's razor-focused on cleaning up Essos, has Dany dropped her dreams of ruling over the Seven Kingdoms — or is that conquest merely on hold?

5. So, Lysa Arryn Is a Murderer?

No big surprise that Littlefinger had a hand to play in Jon Arryn's death. That guy is involved in everybody's death. But did you see that coming with Lysa? She freely admitted her involvement in poisoning her husband, the late Hand of the King, on Littlefinger's orders. Guess those "honor genes" don't run so deep in the Tully bloodline after all.

6. Did Bran Make the Right Choice?

Forget "honor genes," let's talk about "Hodor genes." Was it right for Bran to hijack Hodor to kill Locke? Why didn't he do something sooner, when Karl's men were about to rape Meera? While we're on the topic of Bran, should he have stayed behind with Jon, reuniting with his brother, and availing himself of all this endless danger? Perhaps — but then again, that course of action would take us further from the Three-Eyed Raven, and who wants that?

7. Where Were the White Walkers This Week?

After the massive ending to "Oathkeeper," it felt a little light to not include a White Walker sighting by the end of "First of His Name." That said, it's important to keep the main threat just out of arm's reach; a constant tease of the great northern menace marching its way toward the Wall. Sooner or later, winter will come, and it'll come in the form of Albino Darth Maul:

Ugh, still so creepy.

What did you make of the latest "Game of Thrones" episode?