'Game Of Thrones': 7 Predictions For Tonight's Episode, 'First Of His Name'

'GoT' to keep on moving.

After the Purple Wedding, and the bombshell White Walker reveal last week, it looks like season four of "Game of Thrones" is nowhere near finished making its big, epic moves.

Indeed, tonight's episode, titled "First of His Name," is all about making moves — be it in King's Landing, where Tyrion Lannister stands accused of killing the king; in the far north, as Jon marches toward Craster's Keep, where Bran is being held captive by deserters of the Night's Watch; or in the far east, where Daenerys reigns as queen of Meereen.

Here are our predictions for who will make moves on tonight's episode.

1. Daenerys Will Make Moves

She sacked Meereen. She hung up the Targaryen flag. She's conquered Slaver's Bay. Now what? Now more than ever, Dany is poised to make her great Westerosi comeback — and based on the preview, it sure looks like she's finally ready to sail home toward her birthright.

2. Cersei Will Make Moves

Last week, Margaery paid a midnight visit to the new king, Tommen Baratheon. This week, her moves aren't going unnoticed, as Queen Regent Cersei has her eye on the pride of Tyrell. Who will win the battle of the Lion and the Rose? And just what the heck is Cersei doing palling around with Oberyn Martell, anyway?

3. Littlefinger Will Make Moves

After saving Sansa and informing her of his role in the death of Joffrey, Lord Petyr Baelish has seemingly laid all of his cards out on the table. He wants "everything," and that ambition surely includes a seat at the table alongside Lysa Arryn, glimpsed in the preview for tonight's episode.

4. Arya Will Make Moves

Her father is dead. Her mother is dead. Her oldest brother is dead. For all she knows, Sansa and Bran and Rickon are dead. For all she knows, Arya is the last remaining Stark — and she's in the hands of the enemy. Yes, she's coexisting with the Hound. But the time for coexistence is over. Expect Arya to make her big break.

5. Bran Will Make Moves

Beyond the Wall, the broken heir of Winterfell is in the custody of renegade members of the Night's Watch. He's in great danger right now, but don't forget Bran's brilliant ability to warg into other creatures. Is it possible that Bran can warg his way out of the Night's Watch — perhaps even by warging into his captors and controlling their actions? It's certainly an option, but an option he'll need to carefully consider.

6. Jon Will Make Moves

Even if Bran can't warg his way out of jeopardy, he's in luck: his half-brother, Jon Snow, is on his way toward Craster's Keep. If Jon gets there on time, he won't just kill all of the villainous Night's Watchmen. He'll also reunite with his younger brother. Are we just hours away from the first genuine Stark family reunion since season one? Time will tell.

7. The White Walkers Won't Make Moves

Last week's conclusion was enough of a tease of what's in store with the coming White Walker menace. That was an absolutely bonkers moment for fans of the show, and even more so for fans of the books. But for now, that's all we're getting. Don't expect any more forward momentum on the White Walker front until later in the season at best, if not even further down the line.

(Unless I'm wrong, and tonight's episode is all White Walkers, all the time. Which would be crazy and unpredictable and incredible.)

What do you expect to see from tonight's "Game of Thrones" episode?