Meek Mill Says He’s Not Surprised Philly Jurors Ruled Against Him In Racial Profiling Suit

The MMG rapper saw this verdict coming.

Meek Mill just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to dealing with police officers in his hometown Philadelphia. The MMG rapper filed a civil rights violation suit against the Philly police department, claiming that he was unfairly detained for hours after a traffic stop in October 2012. Meek made the case that he was racially targeted by the cops who pulled him over, but the jury wasn’t buying it.

On Friday morning (May 2), he took to Twitter and Instagram to share his feelings about losing the case.

“My word vs a cop word…what u think happened?” he wrote. “That cop had a longer rap sheet than me……. It was a great judge tho……. Just was a jury that don’t know nothing about the environment I come from so they would never see my view….cop word vs a young black rapper!. Just let me move away from here….. #iwasntsuprisedattheverdicttho.”

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