Meek Mill Is Suing The City Of Philadelphia For False Imprisonment

The MMG rapper aired out his grievances on Instagram in 2012 and now he's taking it to court.

Meek Mill is sick of getting picked on by Philadelphia police. The MMG rapper is snapping back at officials in his hometown, claiming that they potentially cost him millions in revenue, after an unnecessary arrest back in 2012.

According to TMZ, the Philly native has filed a lawsuit against the city's police department, for an arrest that took place during Halloween 2012.

Meek was pulled over when cops claimed that they smelled weed in his car, and although they eventually found nothing, he was handcuffed for refusing to let them do an initial search.

In the suit, the 26-year-old says that the encounter cost him plenty of profit. There was the $22, 000 he spent on a private jet flight that he missed, the $39,000 he lost for missing a show in Atlanta, and then the millions he potentially lost due to negative publicity from the arrest.

Meek says that he was attempting to negotiate a $2 million deal with Puma, but he was only able to land $650,000 after the arrest went public.

The lawsuit, which targets officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas, is seeking justice for false imprisonment and invasion of privacy. The officers are accused of holding the rapper for nine hours and posting photos of him on Instagram during that time.

On the night of his arrest, Meek tweeted a photo of himself being detained by cops, along with the caption, "cops cost me a lot of money tonight .....taking pics of me like I'ma f---in charges just holding."

"The crazy part about it is I really had a handcuff and Rolex on my wrist yesterday," he wrote the following day. "Really #DreamsAndNightmares."

"He was not arrested," Philiadelphia Police spokeswoman Julian Russell told MTV News at the time. "He was stopped in a vehicle but was not arrested. He was only detained in a substation. In normal cases, we do not give out this kind of information, so I can't release anything further."