Chris Pratt Explains The Art Of The Selfie

The star reveals his selfie secrets in a new 'After Hours'

Nobody is better at the art of the selfie than Chris Pratt.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with the star of "The Lego Movie" for a brand-new "After Hours," and Pratt revealed some of what it takes to become the Michelangelo of selfies.

"It's important to gaze at your own image in the phone rather than make eye contact with yourself," said Pratt, while pointing to a shirtless selfie he had taken (cue the swooning, ladies). Otherwise, you'll look "too self-aware."

It has to look natural, almost like a mistake. Or as Pratt put it, "You just tripped, fell, and landed on some abs."

And don't forget, aspiring selfie artists: appreciate your own art. Pratt, when taking said shirtless picture, likened it to "seeing the Loch Ness Monster captured on film. You may never see it again."

But the selfie is as much about costume design and strategic lighting as anything. Guys should follow Pratt's advice and go without a shirt, though even being shirtless isn't that simple: You need good nipple shadow.

"Nip shadow is a huge part," Pratt explained.

Did you follow the advice and are still disappointed by your selfie? Don't worry. Pratt's final work of selfie art was the "best photo of about 40 that I took." If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

After his master class, Pratt then critiqued the selfies of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, James Franco, and Macklemore, whose combo of shades and a relaxed demeanor led Pratt to declare it "the best one so far." Congrats, Macklemore! Just put your Chris Pratt Award For Achievement In Celerity Selfie-Taking next to the Grammy on your mantel.

Remember these tips, and you too can be a master selfie taker. Also remember to check out Chris Pratt in "The Lego Movie," in theaters everywhere.