Ben Stiller's 'Secret Life' ... As A Trekkie!

The 'Walter Mitty' star shows off his 'Star Trek' knowledge in new 'After Hours' geekfest.

Ben Stiller's new film, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," suggests that we all have a side to us that nobody sees. This is exemplified by the title character, whose romantic and heroic qualities are revealed as he tries to win the girl of his dreams.

But with Stiller himself, that other side is a huge Trekkie.

The versatile actor/director was outed by our own Josh Horowitz, who decided to put Stiller's knowledge to the test by giving him MTV News' official "Star Trek" quiz (Original Series only; sorry Picard fans) on a brand-new "After Hours."

Stiller starts off admirably, showing he has boldly gone to his DVD player and marathoned the series plenty of times, but then he starts having as much trouble with the questions as the Enterprise crew did with the Tribbles. While Josh is able to stump him a couple times, Stiller's knowledge is impressive enough that we wonder whether he might ever take the reins of a new "Star Trek" movie, which we hope he'd star in as Captain Zoolander. Best. Movie. Ever.

After Josh has exhausted Stiller's knowledge, he gives him the ultimate "Trek" question: Of Kirk, Spock and Bones, who would Stiller choose in a game of F---, Marry, Kill?

Watch the video and find out, and then go see Stiller and co-stars Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn, Adam Scott and plenty more in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," opening Christmas Day.