Join Taylor Swift's Biggest Party Ever With Top 13 '22' Moments

MTV News rounds up rowdiest, happiest moments from the new video.

Whether you're busy studying for a test, bored at work or stuck in the cold waiting for a ride to violin class, Taylor Swift gives us all a reason to dance... although your boss might not recommended breaking into dance at work, especially if your job is in customer service. But who cares? Taylor Swift's her own boss.

And if you're as free-spirited and careless at Tay is in her "22" video, out Wednesday, you too might pretend you're in Malibu, frolicking in the sun in a shower of glitter and friendship. From the looks of the latest Red clip, sunshine, confetti and BFFs complete the video. But what are the other top moments of "22"? MTV News takes a look.

Here are the lucky #13 key moments of Taylor Swift's "22" video:

Cake Eaters

There's nothing like eating an entire tray of birthday cake (office parties get pretty rowdy at MTV News). Taylor opens up the video by leaning over a granite countertop while munching on frosting. Her goofy best friends get in on the cake action too, lifting sugar-coated plastic forks and pouring a champagne/fruit punch pyramid. And did you see that ice cream cone later in the clip? Mmm. Hey, 22-year-olds still have speedy metabolism!

Cat Power

With gold-studded cat ears, Swift rocks the night away. Maybe it's an ode to her kitty Meredith, or maybe she's continuing her furry theme from "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Either way, animal ears = in. Meee-ow.

Taylor Swift's '22' Music Video: Look By Look

Young at Heart

Staying fashionable and UV ray-protected, the girls don heart-shaped sunglasses while channeling their inner cheerleaders. Cue Lana Del Rey — what a cute way to ward off those California rays.

All That Glitters

Confetti-spewing rockets, pom poms, anything that shines. The gal pals spend a chunk of the high-energy visual throwing the sparkly flakes at each other, dancing among it and blowing the confetti from their cupped hands like a kiss. Did we mention the sequins? Yeah, they're all over Swift's glammed mini and top during the last scene's disco party. Bling!

Want Taylor Swift's "22" look? MTV Style has you covered!

Swift's Lookbook

If you felt like you were watching the summer Topshop ad during "22," you weren't alone. Look at that comfy chambray! And those friendship bracelets! There were the floral tanks, leather jackets, pleated skirts, bandana headbands and one very sequined, wordy (and expensive) T-shirt that had fans stalking the internet immediately after the vid's premiere. If you want the T, you might need to take a trip to Paris to buy the "Not A Lot Going On At The Moment" top from Colette, designed by the sequin-loving Ashish.


Are you dancing yet? The most important part of the singer's new video is the vibe. We grew up with Taylor, nursing our heartbreaks, ushering us into new relationships and aiding us through rough patches. But this time, she's forgetting about love. She's ready to take a break for herself — and you do that by chilling and partying with your friends. From the sound of it, she'll be amping up the Red tour like this too.

Jump, Jump Around

A trampoline makes a key appearance in the video, allowing Tay to show off her moves and chest bump with the pals.

You Say You A Gangsta

If you put two and two together, what do you get? Twenty two-ooh-ooh. (Oh, it's four? Nevermind.) Another key theme of the vid involved throwing up peace signs, and while it seemed like Taylor was repping a gang, she was just showing her age with the double deuces.

In Sync

Though Taylor may be over One Direction's Harry Styles, it seems like she's using some of his own moves. TS and her buds shake it out and improvise, but also show off some synchronized dance movies. They aren't quite like 1D's signature rowboat move, but they're unique by themselves, and maybe even more adorable. You be the judge.

Pool Party

Is there anything more fun that lying in the sun all day, splashing your friends and filling the deck with balloons? No.

Friend Pillows

Remember that Ha! game played at sleepovers? The before-bedtime giggle fest where each slumber-partier rests their head on each other's belly to take turns letting out low laughs. Eventually, the fake laughs turned into real laughs, and the whole circle was infectiously laughing. The "22" gang has us thinking that the sleepover ritual is still do-able, even if we are grown-ups.

Tour de Taylor

Taylor's been known to love bikes, but this clip takes the sad forlorn ride in "Begin Again" to new levels. Instead of wandering the streets of Paris, three pairs double up on bikes for a reckless race in the backyard. Be careful, guys!

3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

TSwift falls backwards into a pool like a boss. That's all.

What was your favorite moment from "22"? Tell us in the comments!