Fun., Black Keys, Wiz Khalifa Get MTV Movie Awards Sales Bump

Sales of the Black Keys' singles were up by double-digits thanks to their Johnny Depp-assisted Movie Awards performances.

It took an extra week, but the performers from this year's MTV Movie Awards got a Billboard chart bump after participating in the Russell Brand-hosted big screen blow-out. Among the big winners were the Black Keys, Wiz Khalifa and Fun., who all saw double-digit increases for sales of their albums and/or singles after their spots on the show.

The Keys got the biggest lift, with an assist to Generation Award
 winner Johnny Depp
, who sat in on a pair of songs with the Akron, Ohio, blues duo. Thanks to their prominent spot on the show, sales of the band's El Camino were up 18 percent last week to 10,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (The sales increases didn't factor in until this week because the Movie Awards took place on Sunday, June 3 and the SoundScan reporting week ends at the close of business on Sunday.)

The two songs they performed with Depp also saw some chart love, with "Gold on the Ceiling" up 30 percent and "Lonely Boy" taking a 19 percent hike up the charts. A spokesperson for the group's label said that not only did the Depp cameo help lift sales of Camino, but the prominent spot on the show also created a "healthy" spike of the Key's back catalog of singles and albums.

Khalifa was no slouch, either, with his new single, "Work Hard, Play Hard," selling 78,000 copies for a 37 percent increase over the previous week. It was a mix of news for fun., whose smash single, "We Are Young," got the celebs in the crowd up on their feet singing and clapping along, even as sales dropped by 25 percent after a strong six-week run at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Even as the single dropped, sales of the band's album, Some Nights, picked up by 33 percent to 18,000.