‘Dark Knight Rises’ Burning Questions: What Will Movie Awards Reveal?

Director Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman will present the footage live tonight!

Brand-new footage from “The Dark Knight Rises” will debut at the MTV Movie Awards tonight, and we’re already growing impatient. When director Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman bring the new footage to the show, airing live at 9 p.m. ET on MTV, there a handful of things we’re hoping and praying to see.

Here’s what we want from the Movie Awards “Dark Knight Rises” footage:

The Bat
The final theatrical trailer surprised us with a look at Batman’s new aerial vehicle that we weren’t expecting. The Bat, as far as we knew, was little more than some kind of badass hovercraft. That’s not the case, as we learned. And it’s definitely not a car. The Bat is a full-fledged jet, able to flip and avoid approaching missiles. Now that we know what the Bat can do, we want more. What other maneuvers is Lucius Fox’s new toy capable of?

Selina Kyle in Action
The femme fatale who won’t be referred to as Catwoman has come a long way since fanboys originally snickered at her first photos from set . With the past few trailers and TV spots, Anne Hathaway has thoroughly convinced us that her version of Selina Kyle is one worth looking forward to. She’ll be fighting alongside Batman in those spiked heels, and we would like to see how much of a punch those boots can pack.

The Final Showdown
The latest round of promotional banners has hyped the final showdown between Batman and Bane, each with an army backing them. Frankly, it looks totally badass. It’s Batman and Bane throwing down in broad daylight with the police standing firmly behind the Caped Crusader, against the band of escaped prisoners. It doesn’t get any more epic than that. Naturally, we’re going to want a sneak peek.

Anything With John Blake
Who is this guy? The last trailer made Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character seem even more important than we previously thought, but we still know next-to-nothing about him and where he comes from. He’s a cop. We know that, but what else is going on with this guy? We’re pretty sure he won’t turn out to be Robin, but is he the next in line for the cowl? Please give us something, Nolan!

Nothing Too Revealing
Then again, just a nice teaser would suffice. Unlike most big blockbusters, “The Dark Knight Rises” has stayed refreshingly unspoiled, thanks to a limited number of promotional materials beforehand. While we want an action-packed, secret-spilling piece of footage at the MTV Movie Awards, we’d also like to stay safely in the dark until July.

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