Britney Spears Calls VMA Tribute 'An Honor'

Spears tells MTV News her onstage smooch with Lady Gaga's Jo Calderone wasn't planned.

Britney Spears played it humble during her Video Music Awards tribute -- using her time onstage to shine the spotlight on her fellow performer, Beyoncé -- not an easy feat to accomplish in between nabbing the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and getting kissed by Lady Gaga's male alter ego Jo Calderone.

When MTV News caught up with Spears minutes after stepping offstage, she stayed humble, calling the tribute "an honor" and once again deflecting the spotlight.

"It was really crazy. I had no idea what to expect," Spears said. "The kids were amazing and so entertaining, and it was a really fun night. It was really cool. I was like, 'Wow, that's really sweet!'

"I loved the little girl in the 'Slave' outfit," she continued. "She was just so tiny and she delivered and she had such a great performance. ... They were all so great, and you could tell they worked really hard."

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And Spears didn't stop there either. For an artist who's won more than her fare share of VMAs in her career, she was blown away by Sunday night's Best Pop Video triumph. "Every year ... just to come here is such an honor, you never get used to it," she smiled. "But tonight means so much to me." In a night full of high-water moments, it was her tribute smooch from Gaga -- er, Calderone -- that she gushed about backstage. Especially because she said the kiss was totally unplanned.

"She was in full character!" Spears said. "We just got onstage and we just kind of felt it out; we didn't know what was going on, so it was interesting!"

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