Nicki Minaj Shares Couch With Beavis And Butt-Head At VMAs

MTV's favorite jackass duo will be back with new episodes in October.

Nicki Minaj is certainly familiar with unexpected partnerships — she's appearing on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour this summer and presented Spears with the Best Pop Video award alongside Jonah Hill. But even for the always animated Minaj, things took a turn for the weird at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday evening (August 28) when she appeared with two of the MTV family's favorite jackasses.

No, we're not talking about the real-life stunt-hungry crowd, mind you — we're talking, of course, about Beavis and Butt-Head.

After winning the award for Best Hip-Hop Video earlier in the evening, Nicki appeared onscreen once again, but not on the Nokia Theatre stage. Instead, she cozied up right between the snickering fools on their familiar couch, clearly loving the attention she was getting from the two B's.

Britney Spears calls her VMA tribute "an honor."

"Uh, we voted for your video," Butt-Head informed Nicki as coolly as possible (which is to say, not very cool at all). "So, you like, owe us." Unsure as to what exactly she owed the duo, Butt-Head replied with continued swagger: "That all depends, Minaj. Isn't your name, like, Spanish for 'threesome'?"

A seductive nod and "mm-hmm" was Nicki's promising reply, but the MTV veterans' desires were quickly quashed as Minaj clonked Beavis' and Butt-Head's heads together.

Maybe the two didn't win over the Best Hip-Hop Video winner during the VMAs, but perhaps they'll have another shot at a Minaj á trois when America's favorite dumb-attheth return to television screens nationwide on October 27 on MTV. After all, as the dynamic duo of dunces demonstrated at this year's show, neither Beavis nor his braces-clad pal have changed much in the 14 years since they last graced the small screen.

"Basically they're exactly the same," series creator Mike Judge told MTV News earlier this summer about the revived cartoon clowns. "The world's changed, they're still on the couch working at Burger World, but they have some other jobs they dabble in. There's a tech support episode, but they're going to be watching 'Jersey Shore,' '16 and Pregnant,' UFC fights and some videos too. It's actually been a lot of fun having them watch [those shows]."

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