'Breaking Dawn' Is A 'Fulfilling' Finale, Jackson Rathbone Says

'It really wraps up the story in such a beautiful way,' the 'Twilight' star tells MTV News.

There's plenty of "Twilight" goodness to look forward to at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, but what [movieperson id="1017548"]Jackson Rathbone[/movieperson] is most looking forward to is the sneak peek of "Breaking Dawn" that his castmates Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will present during the big show.

Rathbone shared his enthusiasm for the final two "Twilight Saga" films when we caught up with him on the set of his new film "Live at the Foxes Den," describing the finale as "the culmination of this saga, and it really wraps up the story in such a beautiful way. We had the amazing [director] Bill Condon on, and I was very, very excited to play Jasper once again in these films and kind of step up."

Fans who have read the book know Jasper and his lady Alice (Ashley Greene) have a very significant role in the "Breaking Dawn" plot arc, but Rathbone said he was more excited to show off Jasper's love and devotion to his family in the next two movies than he was for his beefed-up role.

"There's an amazing moment in 'Breaking Dawn' - I can't say which movie, though. I'm sorry, I'm not technically allowed. But there's a very fulfilling moment for myself as an actor and as a fan of the books and of the film series that you get to see, in the end, really how much these characters love one another and how much they function as a family, even though they are kind of an odd family of vampires. Vegetarian vampires, at that. They're an odd bunch," Rathbone said with a laugh. "But, I mean, the way they love and feel about each other and the way they protect and support one another I think is beautiful, so I think we're going to get to see that happen in 'Breaking Dawn.' "

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