Lady Gaga Greets Fans At Born This Way Promo

Little Monsters jump at the chance to meet Mother Monster herself at Best Buy in New York.

NEW YORK — Hundreds of screaming Little Monsters lined the streets surrounding Best Buy in New York City Monday night as they not only celebrated the release of Lady Gaga's Born This Way, but also waited to meet Mother Monster herself.

With gear in tow, many fans camped out for the opportunity to meet their idol, some waiting two nights just to get a wristband granting them access to the meet-and-greet album-signing event.

"Being a Little Monster is about letting out your inner freak," explained Jen Finnegan, an aspiring musician. "[It's letting out] everything that you are and everything that you want to be through Lady Gaga and her music."

(Check out photos of Lady Gaga and all of her Little Monsters.)

The album was enthusiastically received, to say the least, by all 500-plus fans waiting outside the store behind barricades.

"It's the anthem of our generation and many generations to come," exclaimed Stephanie Currie, who came all the way from Vermont.

The influence of Gaga on her fans goes far deeper than an appreciation for quality dance music.

"I honestly believe that Lady Gaga has changed my life and ultimately saved my life," admitted Stephanie Picher of Boston, who said she went through a period of deep depression and issues of being comfortable with her true inner self until she first began to hear Gaga's universal message of self-acceptance in 2008. She's been to 14 Lady Gaga concerts since.

When Lady Gaga finally took the stage to begin signing, she was greeted by deafening screams of adoration from the fans, none of whom she intended to overlook during her visit.

"I just wanted to thank you guys for coming today!" Gaga beamed in a very revealing leather outfit that covered only about 5 percent of her body. "And I can't wait to kiss every single one of you."

She exchanged words and shared her lipstick mark with all of the fans over the next few hours, smiling for photo ops with each and every one of them.

Little Monster Margaret Michels was more than satisfied with the experience. "We waited in line overnight and we got to meet Gaga," she said as she showed off a dark red lipstick mark on her cheek. "And it was freakin' amazing!"

"She just signed my arm!" Brian Kapolka exclaimed. Having journeyed all the way from Chicago for the experience, he was unable to contain his excitement. "I've got to go get it tattooed after this!"

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