'The Hills' Recap: Kristin Tells Brody How She Feels

'Now is kind of too late,' Brody responds when she says she'd give a relationship a try.

After Kristin's attempt to make Brody jealous by shamelessly flirting with bartender Will went nowhere in Costa Rica, she decided to take a more novel approach this week by telling Brody how she truly feels. But Brody didn't exactly return the sentiment on Tuesday night's episode of "The Hills."

Stephanie met up with Lo and Holly to catch them up on all the Costa Rica gossip, including the Brody/Kristin drama. "I think she acts like it's a game, but it really means more to her," Lo observed. "Because he knows she's really in love with him."

Talk then turned to the impending arrival of Holly's mom, Darlene. "I don't know what I'm going to do if she wants to see Heidi," Holly said.

"But does she know none of us talk to them?" Stephanie asked. "I haven't told her yet because I didn't want to make things worse," Holly replied. But after picking her mom up at LAX, Holly wasted no time telling her what was going on (or not going on) with Heidi.

"I tried to call Heidi, but I don't know how to get a hold of her anymore," she told Darlene. "I would love to see her while I'm here,"

Darlene replied. Holly told Darlene that they've written Heidi and Spencer off, but Darlene said she doesn't believe Holly can completely rid her life of Heidi. Holly is, after all, Heidi's protector.

Later that night, the gang convened at the Colony, where Brody ignored Kristin. Though to be fair, it didn't look as if Kristin was making much of an attempt to talk to Brody either. Stephanie caught the eye of Brody's motorcycle-racing friend Josh, who began chatting her up.

Brody made it plain to Josh that Stephanie was a bit of a handful.

"She's got some issues," he told him, but that didn't stop Josh from walking Stephanie back to her car and asking for her number. The pair met later for a date at Angels & Kings, where Stephanie nervously ordered a soda, as did her date. He divulged that he'd heard about Stephanie's problems, including her estranged brother and the DUI, and said that he didn't drink too often because of his racing, which Stephanie found quite reassuring and charming.

The next day, Stacie and Kristin met to talk about Brody's cool reception toward Kristin, and Kristin divulged that Brody had called to say he wanted to talk. "This is the perfect opportunity to get it all out there," Stacie advised. "But Stace, what else is there to say?"

Kristin replied. "But that's the thing," Stacie countered. "You really haven't said it. You haven't made it clear at all. If you don't talk about it ... you're going to regret it."

One couple that was on the right track was Lo and her BF Scott, who went out to dinner to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Scott asked when Lo's lease was up, because he wants to move in with her. But Lo was hesitant to agree to anything for sure because she doesn't want to move in with a guy unless she's engaged.

Meanwhile, Brody and Kristin met for their chat. "I'm glad that you came over and that you want to talk," Kristin started. "I feel like things are weird between us now."

"I think things are different," Brody said cautiously. "What do you want?"

Visibly flustered, Kristin let it all out. "I guess I kind of want to give things a shot with you," she said. "I want a boyfriend. I'd be willing to really try."

"Well, now is kind of too late," Brody responded. "Part of the reason I've been so distant is because I've been hanging out with somebody else. And I kind of want to see where it could go. And I think we've already been down that road and it didn't work out. I'm sorry it had to be like this."

It may have also been too late for Darlene to reach Heidi. When Darlene and Holly met for lunch, Holly had tracked down Heidi's number but couldn't get a response. The distance from her daughter left Darlene shaken.

"I just feel like she can't live in two worlds, and she feels like she has to choose between us and Spencer," Darlene said. "I haven't slept for months. I had to get a prescription for sleeping pills. I've been mourning the loss of a child."

Kristin was also in a state of mourning as she met with Lo to discuss her talk with Brody. "You can't let Brody Jenner make you feel like an idiot, " Lo advised. "He's the guy that yells in bars. C'mon."

"I completely put myself out there and he doesn't want me," Kristin said. "The guy I love doesn't want me. It's done."

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