Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Talk 'Runaways' Kissing Scene

'I don't think it was ever a big deal to me,' Fanning tells MTV News at Sundance.

Although it might be surprising to fans of "New Moon" to have co-stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning share a kiss in their new movie "The Runaways," the ladies insist that they never really thought of it as an issue. In fact, when MTV News caught up with the actresses at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, where they were promoting the rock biopic, they kind of shrugged off the hype.

"I don't think it was ever a big deal to me," Fanning, who plays Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie, explained, adding that having Cherie and Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) kiss in the film "was just a thing, another day" for the characters.

Stewart echoed Fanning's sentiment about the girl kiss, noting that it just felt right in the script and that it wasn't in any way a movie ploy or a way to shock the audience or "Twilight" fans. "It was never a big deal to me either ... especially the way it was written into the story and the way it wasn't, 'And they finally get together,' " she explained about the kiss in the film.

She added that the kiss acts as an extension of their friendship and their "bond" as bandmates. "It's like it was just one night, and they have such an awesome bond that's so cool to observe, so the fact that they made out when they were teenagers has nothing to do with it," Stewart insisted.

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