Sundance 2014

Stars And Snow: Sundance 2014

Check out interviews from the world's biggest stars at this year's festival.

Harry Styles Crashes Sundance Premiere Of New Zach Braff Movie

The One Direction member brought boy band madness to Park City.

Follow Kristen Stewart's Day At Sundance As She Premieres 'Camp X-Ray'

MTV News was with the young star before her big event in Park City.

Ryan Gosling And His Little Co-Star Are Just Two Of Sundance's Cutest Twosomes

Couples, sibling and friends snuggle up in the Park City cold.

Mark Ruffalo Promises More Great Hulk Moments For 'Avengers' Sequel

Plus, Zoe Saldana got 'choked up' hearing about next 'Avatar' stories.

Does The 'Batman Vs Superman' Delay Suggest Bigger 'Justice League' Plans?

Despite Aquaman rumors, Jason Momoa insists he isn't in DC's superhero meet-up.

Sundance 2014: Who Are The Biggest Stars Heading To Park City?

It may be and indie film festival, but plenty of A-listers will debut their movies in Park City.


  1. Jones talks about her first on-screen nude scenes.

  2. Shia talks about preparing for his role in "Charlie Countryman."

  3. weighs in on the Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page, Brit Marling film.

  4. Franco discusses the taboos surrounding his three sex-filled films.

  1. reviews "The Lifeguard" at Sundance.

  2. "I'll Let You Know," he says.

  3. Woodley describes why she signed on for the young adult adaptation.

  4. Meyer has no interest in a "Twilight" vacation.

  1. There's nothing "shocking" about the sex in his Sundance drama he says.

  2. Radcliffe stuns in "Kill Your Darlings."

  3. Grohl joined Stevie Nicks, more for an epic performance in Park City.

  4. No one is more fun than Daniel Radcliffe.

  1. "Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero, since I was a little girl" Woodley says.

  2. Watts gives us an update on the film at Sundance.

  3. Cera explains that he has been writing for upcoming episodes of "Arrested Development."

  4. The fest features performances by Dave Grohl's all-star band, Nas and Afrojack.

  1. As we begin to hit the Park City slopes, these are the films we can't wait to see.

  2. Kutcher's role as the Apple founder is one of the festival's most-buzzed about films.

  3. Grohl is bringing his "Sound City" doc to Sundance this week.

  4. chooses the 20 films most likely to break through at Sundance.

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