Strip-Club Anthems, Cautionary Tales — Luda's Upcoming LP Has It All

Two tracks already on the streets; single with Pharrell hits radio soon.

Ludacris is still chasing that elusive #1 spot, but he feels like he'll attain his goal when fans get a hold of Release Therapy, due September 26.

"I feel like I'm there after this one," Luda said in Atlanta on Friday of his upcoming release (see "Therapy Is In Session: Kanye, Pharrell, R. Kelly Hop On Luda's LP"). "I say it on a song too."

Luda just released two records to the street: the controversial "War With God," where he strikes back at those who've badmouthed him (see "Mixtape Monday: 50 Cent Disc Features Stripped-Down Game; Ludacris Explains Mystery Rival"), and "Tell It Like It Is," where he gives some tough advice to MCs who haven't been schooled in Music Industry 101. His single featuring Pharrell is coming soon too.

"It's a radio record called 'Money Maker,' " he said. "It basically is a feel-good strip-club song."

R. Kelly appears on "Woozy," and Luda said he's always impressed with the Pied Piper's work ethic.

"Working with R. Kelly is great," said Luda, who's collaborated with Kelly in the past. "He's one of the hardest-working individuals, period. He's straight vampire: He leaves the studio when the sun comes up, goes in when it goes down."

Ludacris said Release Therapy will have two sides — he's just bummed no one buys cassette tapes anymore.

"The way we're going to try to format the record is you have your Release side and your Therapy side," he said. "Everybody knows the Release side would be 'War With God,' 'Tell It Like It Is.' I have a record called 'Slap.' Just getting everything off my chest. The Therapy side would be feel-good — a song like 'Woozy' with R. Kelly on it is therapeutic. Even 'Money Maker.' Some women's therapy is getting out, going to the club and shaking they ass. It's therapeutic to them.

"It's a Release end and Therapy side. Too bad it's a CD — you can't really split up sides."

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